Hi I'm Daniela,

Naturopath & Nutritionist
Specializing in Women's Health

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Let me help you with your health goals

Conditions I Treat

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Stress and anxiety

Mental health is multifaceted but can hugely benefit from specific herbal and nutritional medicines as well as dietary and lifestyle habits. I see everything from low moods/depression, anxiety, irritability, anger, compulsive and addictive behaviours.
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Hormonal imbalances

The symptom pool is huge when it comes to hormonal imbalances. Poor sleep, inability to lose weight, menstrual abnormalities, fatigue, mood swings, body temp issues and thyroid abnormalities are all common examples of hormonal imbalances.
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Sleep ailments

Sleep ailments can include poor sleep quality, trouble falling asleep, restless leg syndrome, repetitive waking, general fatigue and high stress. There is almost always a common reason for these disturbances that are causing your poor sleep.
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Fatigue/poor energy

Being a mum, and seeing plenty of other mothers and hard working females, this would be one of the most common symptoms I see in clinical practice. Adrenal fatigue due to overstimulation and poor stress management and sleep are often causes, as are nutrient depletions and nervous system imbalances.
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Digestion and gut health

Along with hormones, gastrointestinal health is one of the system naturopaths and nutritionist excel in, as we have loads of tools in our toolbox. The gastrointestinal system starts in the mouth and ends, well, at the end. So everything from bleeding gums and reflux, through to bloating and diarrhoea/constipation can be resolved.
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Skin ailments

Eczema, acne and psoriasis are the most common skin conditions we see in practice, however there are numerous skin conditions that appear over the lifespan, many of which are indications of allergies/intolerances, poor gut health or systemic inflammation. Whatever the cause, we find out what the reason is to your skin concerns.
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About me

I love to treat other moms

Being part Italian, food and family is a central focus of my life. It was these aspects, combined with my love for wellbeing and biology, that led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Health Science (Naturopathy). Since graduating in 2013, I've worked under leading Naturopaths, lectured (and continue to) students in Nutritional medicine at Torrens University, and opened my own business in Stafford, Brisbane.

In 2020, I closed shop after learning I was expecting my second child, and moved to the Gold Coast. I was a mother of 2 under 2 and went head first into the storm of challenges of motherhood. I experienced everything from loss of identity, hormonal roller coasters, extreme exhaustion, relationship hurdles, and all the things I hear other mums talk about. This first hand experience has helped me realise so many mothers, and females need more support. That’s why I've re-entered clinic with one focus - supporting mums in all aspects of life – including nutrition, sleep, stress support, hormone balancing, digestive support, counselling guidance and everything in between.

So welcome. Reach out. I am here to help!
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What to expect during your

Naturopathic Consultation

To start we will talk about your primary health concerns and goals, then work through questions based on each bodily system. We dig into your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, medications, previous treatments and family medical history.

I also use noninvasive examinations such as tongue and nail diagnostic techniques to help determine nutrient deficiencies (such as zinc, calcium, iron) and organ depletion (such as liver/gall bladder). I also use massage to help reduce stress and release tension, which can be incredibly useful for those experiencing mental health concerns, headaches, neck pain and nerve pain.  These all help in creating a personalised treatment plan and can give immediate relief in some instances.

At each subsequent visit, we review how the treatment is working, make any necessary adjustments, and review specialised testing, such as saliva, blood, urine, or stool tests to understand what's going on in your body and continue to better your health and understanding of how to live a healthful life.

To learn more, book a free 10 minute call by clicking on the button below. I look forward to speaking with you!
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What my Customers say...

“ Daniela is the best! I was struggling with skin and gut issues and Daniela worked with me to address them. She listened to my symptoms with no judgement and I felt very comfortable and safe with her. Not only did she provide herb medicines to help my issues but also provided meal plans, skin care product suggestions and a lot of educational material. She is also very price conscious and works with you to figure out what is best. Thank you Daniela!"

Harriet Wynne

Gold Coast
Testimonial Quote
"Daniela is a truly exceptional Naturopath. She is extremely knowledgeable, is an excellent listener, offers effective and well thought out treatment plans that are easily doable, and is very affordable on top of it all !!! I would not hesitate to recommend her enthusiastically to anyone looking for a holistic health practitioner in Brisbane."

Melissa Karydas

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